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We Are a Company You Can Trust

3 Step Solutions, LLC (owner of 3StepDivorceTM) is a sister company of Divorce Source, Inc. which has been in business helping people on the internet since February 1997. Both 3 Step Solutions, LLC and Divorce Source, Inc. are well established companies that have reached over 10 million people via the internet over the past 20 years. We take great pride in the accomplishments achieved through our strong relationship and our ability to deliver quality and confidence to our customers.

"We are the one everyone watches, learns from and follows. Year in and year out. That is the sign of a true leader. And with innovations and products like 3StepDivorceTM to help you do your own divorce online, you will realize just how strong our passion really is for a better divorce."

Theodore K. Long, III
President & CEO

Exceptional Benefits

- Takes the Difficulty Out of Completing Your Own Forms!
- 100% Money Back Guarantee
- "Real Person" Customer Product Support by Phone & E-mail
- Instant Form Generation With Editing Capabilities
- Free Optional Delivery by US Priority Mail
- Step-by-Step Filing Procedures
- Name Change & Name Change Notification Guide for Wife
- Online Divorce Negotiation Center
- Online Personal Divorce Organizer
- Access to Free Download Divorce Books and Manuals

Taking the Difficulty Out of an Uncontested Divorce

3StepDivorceTM makes it easier and more affordable for couples who wish to end their marriage on mutually agreeable terms by filing their own divorce. We achieve this by offering this cutting edge online divorce software solution. Our solution is not a substitute for a lawyer, because we do not offer legal advice, but it is an ideal option to do your own divorce. The software takes the difficulty out of completing your divorce paperwork.

Make Changes When You Need Them

3StepDivorceTM allows you to make changes to your forms at any time with no extra costs. Most divorce document preparations services charge additional fees for changes and also require a 3 to 4 day delivery period. With our online software you have full editing capabilities and are in full control. This is what clearly separates us from our competitors and the typical online divorce document provider.

The Simple Divorce Procedure

Once you order 3StepDivorceTM you will be prompted to answer a series of questions. These questions are easy to understand and access to state law websites is available, if needed. Once all the questions have been answered, you will instantly generate your forms which can be viewed, edited (if needed) and printed (optional delivery by US Priority Mail is also available free of charge). After reviewing the forms, you and your spouse will sign them and follow the filing procedures that are provided. You will take the signed forms to the county courthouse and file them with the clerk. Once the paperwork is filed, your divorce will typically become final in 30 to 90 days but this is not guaranteed. The filing of your paperwork will be facilitated by the Clerk at the court within the timeline they have in place (completion time will also vary depending on the case load at the courthouse and any state mandatory waiting periods).

Our Innovative Technology at Work for You

We spent several years developing our user-friendly software. It is this software that makes the 3StepDivorceTM solution a popular choice for those who wish to file their own divorce.

Our Experience and Devotion

Divorce Source, Inc. owns both Divorcesource.com and Divorcesupport.com which make up the largest, most popular, and one of the oldest divorce informational networks on the internet (established in Feb. 1997). 3 Step Solutions, LLC shares the same mission with this software and service. Our mission is simple and is as follows..."To provide as much valuable divorce information as possible to help people who are contemplating or experiencing divorce".

Simple, Affordable, and Fast Process

  • (Simple) The software makes it easy to do your own uncontested divorce.
  • (Affordable) Our software allows us to offer it at such a low cost.
  • (Fast) We eliminate lengthy delivery periods, data collection, phone consultations, and in-office visits.

We have remained focused on the above three aspects of the divorce process. We know we have excelled in these aspects and along the way added many other significant attributes that help reinforce the quality of 3StepDivorceTM.

Responsive Customer Support

3StepDivorceTM offers the highest level of product support in the entire online divorce industry. Our goal is to answer your phone calls within one ring!

We take great pride in our ability to please our customers. We recognize that our ability to provide complete and reliable customer support has played a vital role in our success. We have a "human" staff that gives individual attention to each individual support request in a timely fashion. You can e-mail 24/7 or call our toll free number (1-800-680-9052) Mon. - Fri. 9am to 5pm EST. Please keep in mind that we do not offer any type of legal advice, because our support staff are not lawyers. If you need legal advice you should contact a lawyer in your area.

Trustworthy, Private and Secure

We back 3StepDivorceTM with over 20 years of experience in online divorce. Divorce Source currently has over 1000 divorce professionals throughout the U.S. (attorney, mediators, counselors, etc.) who are members who are willing to associate their business' with us in the online directory. We are proud of this and we believe this enthusiastic participation says a lot about our reputation. If you need or desire legal representation, have a contested divorce, or have complex legal issues that cannot be resolved on your own, we recommend that you hire a lawyer. Click here to search the Divorce Source Professional Directory.

Your divorce case and information will be private until you file with the courts. This is the most private way to obtain a divorce that we are aware of.

We fully understand the importance and concern for internet security. We maintain a 2048-bit state-of-the-art security certificate that is current and active through Verisign (the world leader in online security). All information you provide us is protected by this secure certificate in an environment accessible by only you (and those you share your login information with). Your information will not be released for any commercial or third party usage.

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Disclaimer: This is a quality non-lawyer self-help divorce solution. The 3StepDivorceTM Documentation software and service is not a substitute for the advice of a lawyer. 3 Step Solutions, LLC does not practice law and does not give out legal advice. This software and service allows you to represent yourself in doing your own divorce. If you need or desire legal representation, we recommend that you hire a lawyer. Click here to learn more.
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