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Disagreement Does Not Have to Cost You!

So you and your spouse have a few issues to iron out before you can agree on your divorce? You are not alone. With just a little participation and communication, you will be surprised how easy it is to resolve your disputes through our innovative Divorce Negotiation CenterTM. It's FREE. Give our divorce dispute resolution center a try.

ATTENTION: This area is devoted specifically to those spouses who DO NOT agree and need to resolve disputed issues before moving forward with their uncontested divorce online. If you and your spouse are already in agreement and are interested in starting your divorce, you can contact a lawyer near you or consider doing your own divorce. You can also learn more about negotiating your own uncontested divorce.

Step 1 - Establish your FREE Negotiation Center account.

Step 2 - Discuss & settle your issues online through your account.

Step 3 - File for divorce.

Why it Works

  • Removes third party interference.
  • Saves hours of your valuable time.
  • Spares your emotions while negotiating.
  • Finds neutral ground with a mutual goal.
  • Reduces time spent together.
  • Prevents irrational responses.
  • Organizes for easy reference.


  • Private & secure access for each spouse.
  • Discussions organized by topic.
  • Unlimited responses for each discussion.
  • Optional email alerts for responses.
  • Summarizes your agreement.
  • Virtually acknowledges your agreement.
  • Access to state laws for help.
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Disclaimer: This is a quality non-lawyer self-help divorce solution. The 3StepDivorceTM Documentation software and service is not a substitute for the advice of a lawyer. 3 Step Solutions, LLC does not practice law and does not give out legal advice. This software and service allows you to represent yourself in doing your own divorce. If you need or desire legal representation, we recommend that you hire a lawyer. Click here to learn more.
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